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Trilobite Boards

60% Hardwood Plates

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Custom wooden keyboard plates manufactured with three layers of wood veneer, vacuum bagged with epoxy resin. 

The thick laminated wood has outstanding resonance and tone. There's nothing like it in the market, with a more organic and less plastic sound compared to plastic or fiberglass laminated plates.

Various types of wood have different visual and sound characteristics:

  • Maple: Most resonant tone
  • Exotic wood: medium tone w/ custom appearance

The wooden plates are strong and durable, even for use in hotswap boards. Epoxy laminated wood increases flexibility and strength. Although some care is still needed in comparison to metal or plastic plates. 

A key innovation is creating "ledges" for switch fitment, as switches are designed to be clip into 1.5mm plates. Similarly, stabilizers also need some extra space to fit under a much thicker plate. 

Plate Specs:

  • 60% tray mount plate
  • 2.6mm thick 3-layer wood veneer (zebra, walnut, purpleheart)
  • 3.0mm thick 3-layer wood veneer (maple)
  • Tsangan fixed layout for improved sound + aesthetics
  • laser cut "ledges" for better fitment of switches and stabs
  • Handmade in California, USA

Note: keyboard case and switches not included with order.